Now there's something fun and new to do in Central Texas. Oddly enough, it involves rocks.

News Channel 25 is reporting that a couple started a Facebook page that has really taken off in our community.

Rick and Stacy Bostick started the Facebook page Belton Rocks, then decorated some rocks hid them around town. They put clues up on the page, and now people are beginning to find them. They say anyone can do this. Just paint some rocks, then hide them and drop hints on the Facebook page so others can get in on the fun.

It turns out to be a perfect way to spend some family time together this summer. If you want, you can go find the rocks, post them, then re-hide them for someone else to find.

If you don't want to travel to Belton to play, you're more than welcome to create you're own Facebook page for your town.

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