Some things you don't truly expect to find out about people around town. Sometimes people keep their hobbies to themselves for various reasons, whether it not being asked about them, or simply wanting to not share what they do in their free time.

However, this seems like one of those hobbies that would be hard to keep yourself if we're being honest here.

Lawnstarter, through various methods of research, has put together a list of the top cities in the US where you can plant while feeling the breeze. Factors included, according to the article, "nudist population size, legality of public nudity and toplessness, and gardener-friendliness." Other factors such as safety and weather were considered.

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Well, let's not waste anymore time and reveal (is that a poor word choice?) the top cities to garden in the bluff. The top five is are as follows:

1. Austin, Texas
2. Orlando, Florida
3. Atlanta, Georgia
4. Baton Rouge, Louisiana
5. Tampa, Florida.

Alright so first off, what is in the water in Florida that two cities appeared in the top five? I mean, I get it's Florida, but I don't think visitors to Walt Disney World would like an extra show.

And I lived in Georgia for 14 years of my life and I never...inadvertently saw gardening like that going on. That or my parents covered my eyes when it was happening.

But Texans must have some sort of pride for Austin being number one on the list, right? The city is definitely staying weird, and we all have to appreciate the efforts put forth.

So, rock on and celebrate accordingly! mindful of when you garden.

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