What's in a name? If it's anything resembling "Damn Good Tacos", Austin-based Torchy's might have you subpoenaed.

According to KXAN-TV, Torchy's registered the "Damn Good Tacos" slogan in 2008. When they got wind of a Fort Collins, Colorado restaurant called Dam Good Tacos (minus the "n"), they sent a cease and desist letter demanding they change their name. They were reportedly super nice about it too, offering financial assistance with the name change.

How thoughtful.

The trouble seems to have started in September of 2016. According to The Coloradoan, Torchy's opened a location 2.8 miles from Dam Good Tacos. Now Torchy's wants Dam Good's web URL, email domain name, and Twitter handle, in addition to monetary damages.


Let's look at the facts. Torchy's registered "Damn Good Tacos" in '08. Dam Good Tacos opened in an entirely different state in 2012 - roughly 4 years before Torchy's rolled into town.

As someone who works in media, I get it - copyright and imagining are important. As a native Texan, I want to be in Torchy's corner. While I don't usually add personal commentary to news pieces, I have to say that I'm a little embarrassed by Torchy's actions. Seems a little "new Austin" to me, and I know you know what I mean.

I could see a fun, friendly, creative campaign giving Torchy's an edge.

"At Torchy's Tacos in Ft. Collins, we take Damn Good Tacos to the N-th degree!"

Something like that, right? Then Dam Good Tacos could fire back with something clever, and both businesses could thrive and start a healthy competition.

Or not. I guess we can just have an ugly court case that makes Torchy's look like the new bully in town.

Look, I like Torchy's. I want them to come to Temple, because they're a fun, delicious restaurant. I just can't get on board with this ugliness in Colorado. Your Tacos are DamN Good, Torchy's. Let them speak for themselves.

Am I wrong here? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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