The last surviving rescue dog from the aftermath of 9/11, Texas-born golden retriever Bretagne ("Brittany") has been put to sleep at 16. She was suffering with kidney failure which led owner and trainer Denise Corliss to make the terrible but humane decision.

Governor Abbott tweeted out the sad news.

The last living 9/11 rescue dog has passed away. Texas & America are forever grateful for Bretagne's service.

Corliss was with her golden retriever in the days following the nation's worst terrorist attack in its history. They searched the rubble for survivors as part of Texas Task Force One. Bretagne also helped in more regional events like Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in New Orleans.

Bretagne will be transported from a pet hospital in Cypress, Texas to Texas A&M University in College Station for an autopsy and study of the after-effects on 9/11 rescue dogs of all of their searching through the rubble.

On her 15th birthday, Bretagne received the royal treatment as she returned to New York City.  It was a joyous day for the city, a sweet dog and her owner.

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