A story we reported to you earlier today involving a fight that occurred at the Best Donut Shop across the street from Ellison High School on Thursday has since gone viral. People are outraged over this story and have strong opinions on it but like everything in this world, there are 2 sides to every story.

This afternoon sometime in the 4:00 PM hour, a few hours after our initial posting of this story, Melz On The MIC received a series a calls into the MyKiss1031 studio line from people claiming that they were witnesses and have first hand knowledge of how the incident started and who was involved.

One of the phone calls we received was from a woman who identified herself as "April", parent of the male Ellison student seen in the video fighting. She claims that it was self-defense and that the donut shop employee attacked her son first. Below is the phone call from the mother with minor edits to protect her privacy.

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