29-year-old Ernest Ramirez must have been thrilled to breathe the fresh air of freedom after being released from the Bee County Jail Wednesday, especially since he wasn’t supposed to be freed in the first place.

In a press release, the Bee County Sheriff's Office announced that the 29-year-old had an outstanding federal detainer that wasn't discovered until Ramirez had already said arrivederci and left the scene.

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Deputies were dispatched to search for Ramirez, and the US Marshals Service and Fugitive Task Force were later called in to assist.

"At this time several addresses have been checked and the search continues," the press release reads. "Anyone found to be harboring Ramirez will be charged."

Rumor had been circulating that Ramirez was armed when he left the jail, but authorities say that's not true. They're asking anyone who may know where he is to contact them at (361) 362-3221.

Look, we all make mistakes. I make my fair share every day. When I make a mistake, there's a spelling error in an article or a dead link on our website. When someone responsible for releasing inmates from a jail makes a mistake, things get a great deal more complicated. Let's hope Ramirez is caught sooner than later.

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