A truck driver is lucky to be alive after falling asleep at the wheel and crashing from a bridge in Grand Prairie.

Video released by the Grand Prairie fire department shows the driver's milk tanker leaving the road on IH-30 shortly after 2 AM Tuesday. In the footage (embedded below), you can see the truck throw sparks as it leaves the bridge, then hit the intersection hard.

Thankfully, no other vehicles were passing nearby to be hit. A fire department spokesperson said the truck driver was released from a hospital with minor abrasions, and faces a charge of failure to maintain proper control.

Crews needed to clear away oil spill, and I can only imagine how much milk was wasted.

I appreciate all the truckers out there who put in long hours to make sure I can run to HEB or Walmart to pick up milk and whatnot, but it's not worth your life. Try to get some rest, guys!

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