A Houston area family says their dog was brutally injured by a CenterPoint energy contractor, and they have it all on video.

Mike Wilcox of KIngwood posted home surveillance footage of the incident to his Facebook page on April 10. According to Wilcox, the contractor entered his back yard on Wednesday, March 23 without knocking on the door.

The footage shows the man approaching the pool area of the yard when two Weimaraner dogs run at him barking. The man swings a wrench, striking one of the dogs in the face.

According to Wilcox, the blow knocked out one of the dog's teeth, injured his eye, and gave him a concussion. He estimates the vet bills will total at least $2,000.

In his Facebook post, Wilcox says his wife and two children were 5 feet away in the house when the incident took place. Wilcox's wife told the press she offered to put the dogs away and let the contractor access their meter, be he refused and left.

Wilcox said he contacted CenterPoint, but has yet to hear back.

The company issued the following statement Sunday afternoon:

“We have determined that a CenterPoint Energy contractor was at this address on this date. CenterPoint Energy does not condone or tolerate abuse of animals by our employees or our contractors. We have notified the contract company and they have assured us that they will conduct a full investigation into the incident.”

Wilcox said he's given a copy of the surveillance footage to Houston police and they are investigating.

Flash, the injured dog, is scheduled to undergo surgery Friday.