Hear about a shark attack from a local survivor. It's a horrible fear to be attacked by a shark while vulnerable in the ocean. 

Dr. Steve Cutbirth, a dentist from Waco, tells us how he was free diving and spear fishing with his son-in-law Will Powers in the Bahamas recently. He said he had just caught a fish when a bull shark bit him on his face and leg.

Spear fishing was not a new experience for Dr. Cutbirth. According to KWTX News. He had been coming to the island of Green Turtle Cay for nearly 30 years and Dr. Cutbirth's son-in-law is actually the editor of Spearing Magazine.

Dr. Cutbirth said at first he didn’t realize he was under attack, he described the initial feeling as if something was just bumping him repeatedly.

“I look up without a mask but I can see right here this shark head and all these teeth”.