McLennan County District Attorney Barry Johnson announced Tuesday that his office will will not prosecute the remaining 24 cases stemming from a deadly 2015 shootout at Twin Peaks in Waco.

John Carroll with our partners at News Channel 10 reports that the county has so far spent $1,317,835.96 in total identifiable costs related to the case. 177 people were originally taken into custody, and each was issued an identical arrest affidavit charging them with engaging in organized crime. Of all those cases, only one made it to trial, and those proceedings ended with a mistrial.

Johnson's decision comes after nearly four years of legal challenges citing probable cause and excessive bond ($1 million bond totals were set for everyone taken into custody that day), along with the astronomical costs already racked up by McLennan county which were passed on to tax payers. Federal court lawsuits were also a factor.

Check out John Carroll's full story here, then let us know what you think. Is Johnson wise to drop these cases? Why or why not?

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