A 22-year-old woman faces serious charges after Waco police say she ran a red light, struck someone with her car, then sped away.

Drake Lawson with our partners at News 10 reports that the hit-and-run occurred Sunday, December 15 around 2 AM at South 12th Street and La Salle Avenue. 21-year-old Baylor University senior Grace O'Heeron was walking across La Salle when witnesses say a driver - reportedly Estrada - ran a red light and hit her. The driver did not stop.

When police arrived, O'Heeron was lying in the street unconscious and bleeding from the head. She suffered severe head trauma and several broken bones and was transported to Baylor Scott & White Hillcrest Medical Center where she remained in the ICU over the weekend.

Estrada was arrested Sunday and charged with intoxication assault and failure to stop and render aid. Lawson reports that Estrada posted $20,000 bond and was released Monday.

I can't imagine what O'Heeron and her family are going through right now. No matter the circumstances, a respect for the value of human life needs to guide our actions. That means absolutely never getting behind the wheel after you've been drinking, and stopping to help and accept the consequences if you hit someone in traffic.

That should go without saying, but sadly we see cases like this fairly often.

If you're a pedestrian, all I can tell you is never trust the drivers around you to be paying attention. Basically, the same rules you should follow when you're behind the wheel. Always assume the worst so that you're looking out for yourself and your safety.

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