Video shared by News 10 comes from the cell phone of a student at Tennyson Middle School in Waco that shows a teacher carrying another student out of the classroom and placing his desk on the porch of the building.

The teacher in the video is Daniel Murany. He has resigned from his position at the school not long after the incident. I often feel bad for teachers these days. Disruptive students can be a nightmare. It's convenient that there is no part of the video showing what led up to this incident. The whole thing took place inside a portable classroom which explains why there is a porch outside the door.

The student's parents say the boy was injured as a result of being carried out of the classroom. Murany was placed on administrative leave but then resigned. He was an athletics coach and taught social studies. Waco ISD spokesman Kyle DeBeer said, "Certainly the video shows very clearly what happened and left no doubt for us that this was just unacceptable."

Compared to what teachers did to disruptive students when I went to school, this whole thing looks like easy street. It's very easy to pile on the teacher without seeing what led to this. Everyone is allowed their own opinion. I don't feel like all the facts have been made public on this one.

We hope the student is ok, and that the teacher gets a fair chance to explain what happened. For now, all we have is the video to go by. Has it been edited? Was there footage of what led to the teacher kicking the kid out of class? Will it even matter? The student's name has not been released to the public.


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