It's one of those Christmas Classic moments. In National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation the Griswold family sets up 25,000 incandescent light bulbs and causes a power outage in their neighborhood.

How much would that actually cost? The Real Estate blog, Estately, got really scientific and compared how much it would cost if you used 25,000 incandescent lights vs. the cost of LED lights. The difference is staggering.

In Texas, keeping your home lit up with incandescent lights for the entire month of December would cost up to $3,019. Using LED, however, would only set you back $35.

You can find out the cost of both in every state thanks to Estately. And for those who actually know science and electricity and stuff... this is the formula they used for their study.

Here’s our formula:
25,000 bulbs * 0.08 watts/bulb = 2,000 watts.
2,000 watts * (1 kilowatt / 1,000 watt) = 2 kilowatts
2 kilowatts * 5 hours per day = 10 kwh per day
10kwh * 31 days = 310 kwh
310kwh * each state’s average price per kwh

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