YETI tumblers are all the rage. Nevermind that an identical, generic version at Walmart costs TEN dollars and keeps the beverage just as cool for just as long. Dude's gotta have it and a sticker on their jacked-up, camo-colored, mud-riding-ready truck. Bruh.

If that's not Texas enough, Whataburger has launched a Whataburger-branded tumbler (which looks like a the real thing but it isn't branded with YETI) after someone posted this homemade version on Reddit.

Whataburger branded Yeti. Because Texas. from texas

Austin 360 noted the $42.99 price tag. "That’s a few bucks more expensive than a YETI brand, but you don’t have to paint it yourself." Santa, stop off for a Whataburger and grab me one!