Wonder Woman has faced off against the likes of Darkseid and First Born, but can she overcome a copyright lawsuit from Texas' favorite burger chain?

KEYE-TV reports that Whataburger has entered a "friendly trademark discussion" with DC Comics in response to the Amazonian warrior's newly-designed logo, which the burger chain claims is a little too similar to theirs.

Whataburger execs are reportedly concerned over DC's filing nine new trademark applications for various food and beverage products. In a press statement, Whataburger said they hope to ensure that "each party's respective rights are recognized and protected."

Personally, I don't think Whatatburger has anything to worry about. I highly doubt anyone's going to mistake Wonder Woman's logo for theirs (especially in Texas), and besides, maybe they could team up with DC for a WonderBurger promotion. WhataMan could make a cameo in the new movie, and maybe even get his own spin-off! (It couldn't be any worse than Batman v Superman.)

What do you think? Does Whataburger potentially have a case?

If you haven't seen the trailer for Woman Woman's solo movie starring Gal Gadot, check it out below.

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