The incidents with students keep happening at Killeen ISD.

According to KISD spokesperson Taina Maya, a student at Harker Heights High School was arrested this morning for having a weapon and possessing an illegal substance.

An 11th-grade student was transported to the Bell County Jail after school officials say they found a weapon on them. It was discovered after the student arrived to school with a strong marijuana smell. The scent made officials suspicious, and they conducted a search that turned up the weapon.

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Maya ensures the community that weapons will never be permitted on KISD property and that they are working closely with police to investigate any potential threat to the safety of students and staff.

This has been a difficult year for the Killeen Independent School District, as there have been multiple reports of incidents on their properties with students.

Back in August, at Ellison High School, classes halted and the facility was briefly evacuated after a fire was reported inside a restroom. Later, the campus was placed on a brief lockdown due to rumors of a weapon on campus. No weapon was found after a sweep of the campus, and classes resumed.

In September, two students were arrested for bringing firearms to class at Live Oak Ridge Middle School in Killeen. Thankfully, no one was hurt.

Also in September, a third-grader brought a box of live ammunition at Cavasos Elementary School. All rounds were recovered and the student faced disciplinary action.

Another incident occurred at Ellison High School, where one student stabbed another student. The injury was not life-threatening.

Hopefully, parents pay attention to their children. It's not the school's job to be Crime Stoppers!

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