You've probably seen the alert on our digital highway signs saying, 'Extreme Wildfire Danger'. It's an issue that is getting closer to home every day.

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The threat of wildfires in Killeen, Texas residential neighborhoods is increasing, especially since the majority of the surrounding area continues to see no rain.

Central Texas Wildfires

Last month in Williamson County, multiple fire departments including Jarrell, Georgetown, and Salado responded to a blaze that resulted in an evacuation request for people in 60 homes. The request was lifted after the fire was contained.

KWTX is reporting that even with the work many departments are putting in, residents are still reeling from some close calls with fire. In a recent Killeen City Council meeting, concerns were raised about last month's wildfire that burned 30 acres off W.S. Young.

Killeen Fire Chief James Kubinski stated,

“We are on high alert. We have to be realistic in the fact that it’s not if we see another larger wildland fire in the city, it’s when. We are going to see at least one or two more.”

Dog Ridge Fire

Another recent blaze, the Dog Ridge Fire, started July 28th south of Interstate 14 and west of FM 1670 and burned over 150 acres before finally being contained. As of this week, the Bell County Fire Marshal's Office has not announced what caused the fire.

Red Flag Fire Warning

Recently, the National Weather Service issued what is known as a Red Flag Fire Warning for all of North and Central Texas due to extremely hot and dry conditions. A Red Flag Warning means warm temperatures, very low humidities, and stronger winds are expected, causing an increased risk of fire danger.

Preventing Wildfires

One important thing to do right now to reduce the chance of fires spreading is to keeping grass and weeds in your yard and areas around your house to three-inches high or less. Also, off-roading should be avoided until the burn ban is lifted, as heat from your vehicle exhaust can easily ignite vegetation.

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