Troop 123 in Flower Mound hosts a charity mulch sale every year. A few weeks ago, the adult leader of the project discovered that 140 bags (about $800 worth) had been stolen from the church where they were stored.

When word got out about the theft, citizens reached out to help. It takes a special kind of creepo to steal from a group of kids. The Boy Scouts put a lot of time into raising funds to pay for the mulch they use on these charity projects, and it's a real shame to show kids their hard work is something that is ok to steal.

The mulch was stolen out of the parking lot at the Crossroads Bible Church.

The silver lining to this story is one that is told in the video above. The community got wind of the theft and rallied around the troop to help make up for what was stolen. Thanks to community donations, the mulch has been replaced by the people of Flower Mound.

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