With the beginning of school just separated by one weekend, Temple High is reverberating with not only excitement and football helmets clashing, but music.

The Temple High School Band, which consists of over 250 students, is back and ready to entertain and compete this year. Band Director Robert Medina, percussion teacher Benjamin Houghton, and Jazz Director Brent Mathesen will be leading the charge as the team is set for several marching competitions including a Drumline Invitational in Dripping Springs mid-September.

Temple fans are in for an eclectic treat this year as the 2016 show is called "Broadcast".

Close your eyes and imagine it...

You're sitting at home, relaxed and listening to your transistor radio. One of your favorite songs is playing and then, all of a sudden, you hear a little static and then another great hit is playing. So think "back in the day", but the range of music THS band will be providing is wide - orchestra, gospel, electronic, jazz and fast orchestra.

Inspecting Aerials
In case you forgot what a transistor radio looks like! | Reg Speller, Getty Images

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