Temple ISD officials alerted parents late Thursday morning of heightened security measures put in place in response to threats made via social media.

"Unfounded and Not Credible"

The threats, which TISD deemed "unfounded and not credible", came a day after a student walkout in support of a transgender student who was reportedly asked to change inside a janitor's closet after being denied use of a ladies' changing facility.

Heightened Security

In an email sent to Temple High School parents, which I received at 11:12 AM, a TISD representative wrote that additional security officers were on campus both inside and outside of buildings.

"Classroom holds" were also in place, during which students would remain in classes while instruction continued. (I'm not certain what that means, since my daughter tells me that students were moving from one class to the next per usual.)

Campus was also closed during lunch, and students were not permitted to leave.

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Screenshot of Temple ISD Email
Screenshot of Temple ISD Email

"Today has been very calm and there have been no disruptions," the email reads. "We are aware of threats that have been circulating on social media and those have been investigated by TPD and are unfounded and not credible. We want to assure you that safety and security are our first priority at Temple High School."

I Took My Daughter Home

My wife and I decided to play it safe, so I took an early lunch and went to pick my daughter up and take her home.

When I arrived, there were dozens of other parents picking their children up as well. My wife and I were asked to wait outside, and the line went from the front of the school all the way down the sidewalk.

The heavy police presence was obvious.

Students had be to called out of class individually, so no kids were just standing around in the halls.

Rumors were flying as we waited in line, but who knows if any were even remotely credible?

About Those Threats...

According to my daughter, the original threat circulating hinted at something happening Friday, but later appeared to say students might be targeted during A-lunch.

Personally, I felt like campus security was adequate to handle this, and I felt safe on campus. It really looked like police were prepared to protect everyone.

We've written in recent weeks about the safety and security concerns at Killeen ISD, and now it looks like Temple ISD is getting a dose of the mania.

My Daughter's Staying Home Friday

Full disclosure: I'll be keeping my daughter home Friday. As I said earlier, I think the security measures in place were adequate, but my daughter's experiencing a great deal of anxiety about this. My wife and I feel it's better to keep her home Friday and let her get a fresh start on Monday.

What Caused This?

It should be noted that there's been no official word on whether the threats were made in reaction to Wednesday's protest, but considering the timing, it looks like leftover tensions may have played a part.

My daughter showed me footage of violence in the hallways Wednesday. I'm sure other Temple ISD parents have seen similar images.

It Starts At Home

I'm grateful to Temple ISD for taking these threats seriously and preparing to protect students, but parents, we have got to talk to our kids about respect and responsibility.

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