Windi Thomas- Erie County Police Department

The Associated Press reported that  a Pennsylvania woman has pleaded guilty to killing her boyfriend, and it's the bizarre way she did it that's grabbing national headlines.

44-year-old Windi Thomas of Erie, Pennsylvania reportedly stabbed her boyfriend, 44-year-old Keeno Butler, then hit him with a table leg before using her body to crush him.

Yes, I said crush him. Thomas weighs around 300 pounds, and Butler weighed a mere 120 pounds.

Thomas is facing 18 to 36 years in prison after a guilty plea to third-degree murder. She was scheduled for her trial next week, but with the plea now in place she will be sentenced December 21st.

The Erie Times-News reports that Butler's sister and extended family hope for a harsh sentence given the gruesome nature of the crime and the malice with which it was carried out.

It's easy to laugh at a bizarre story like this, but just imagine going out that way. Ugh. We wouldn't wish it on anyone.

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