Today, (September 18th) is National Cheeseburger Day, and we're paying homage to America's favorite and most popular fast food sandwich. For the sake of time and hunger, I won't bore you with the "history" of the cheeseburger, its origins, or any of that. We're gonna focus on the places here in Central Texas that have truly excelled at the science of making a great cheeseburger!

Let's make a few things clear before we proceed. First, this is not a "TOP FIVE" list so please don't get caught up in "rankings", I'll save that for you and your cousins on Facebook. Next, don't expect any of the "chains" to show up on this list because I prefer to remain like Switzerland in the "In-N-Out" vs. "Whataburger" war happening as we speak. Also, this is a list of places I've been personally and my "area" of "Central Texas" means within a 70-mile radius of Killeen, so Austin may fall into this list! And finally, if I'm missing YOUR favorite, feel free to let it be known in the comments! Let's proceed!


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    Black Meg 43 (3 Locations)

    Black Meg 43 blew up over the last few years moving quickly from a small operation to having 3 locations spread out across Central Texas after rave reviews for their burgers kept folks coming back!

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    Billy Bob's Burgers

    If you're feeling froggy or just really hungry, try their "Fat Daddy Challenge" 6 patties, 5 slices of cheese, Large shake, and Large Fries if you're bout that life!

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    Wayback Burgers

    Wayback Burgers has some great cheeseburgers as well as a unique challenge of its own called The "Triple Triple Burger" and if you can scarf down 9 nine patties, nine slices of American cheese, lettuce and tomato, all on a bun in the fastest time in America, you could win cash! (Our former Digital Managing Editor Jason tried it last year and as you can see in the photo, wasn't very successful....Sorry Jason)

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    Galaxy B&B

    Their menu is outrageous but their cheeseburgers are really out of this world! I stopped in over the weekend, and while I normally have a "Space Madness" which consists of a double cheeseburger with 2 grilled cheese sandwiches as "buns", I switched it up and tried "The Porker"...Just go there and you'll see what I mean!

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    Casino El Camino (Austin)

    If you find yourself wandering around 6th Street in Austin late at night, and you're starving for an amazing burger, stop in at Casino El Camino which on first glance, looks like a dark dive bar, but inside, you'll find some AMAZING cheeseburgers that have been featured on Food Network and many would argue is the "best burger in Austin"... (I agree!)