Don't know about your family, but for us, one of our favorite weekend activities is thrifting in the Killeen-Temple, Texas area. That's why when we hear about the Optimist Thrift Store being in danger of closing in Copperas Cove, we immediately jump to attention.

Why is the store in danger of closing?

The Optimist Thrift Store has been operating in Cove for the last decade, and was recently renegotiating their lease at the Cove Terrace Shopping Center. At some point the conversation broke down, and the store has been asked to vacate their retail space no later than May 6th, 2023. Moving a whole store is no easy task which is why they desperately wanted to stay.

Where will the new store be?

That's where your help is needed. If a new commercial retail space can't be found, then the Optimist Thrift Store will have to close permanently. If you know anywhere with a vacancy in Copperas Cove, or immediate surrounding area, the store is very interested in learning more. You can contact them here.

Who does the store benefit?

If you've ever needed to furnish a home, or fill a closet, then you've most likely taken advantage of a thrift store. The Optimist Store is no different. It's a non profit that also partner with Copperas Cove ISD to provide scholarships for students. The primary focus of most Optimist Clubs is assisting our next generation. They even donate items to people in need in addition to the money raised going back into the community.

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What does the store need to relocate?

According to an article at KCEN-TV, store treasurer Mary Diaz is asking for the community's help, "We're asking for the community if they know somebody that is renting a commercial business location that is at least 1,800 ft. and no more that $2,000 per month to please help us. It will help keep the organization alive in the community."

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