So my boy Santa and I were on the phone last night (we go back), and I was telling him things that he needs to bring to Killeen for Christmas and the new year.

He stopped me midsentence and said, "Trey, just make a list and check it twice".

So I’m gonna share my list with you guys, and if there’s something I’ve missed, feel free to sound off in the comments. When I have another conversation with Santa, I’ll be able to fill him in.

Here are the five things we need in no particular order:



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I think the headline speaks for itself!

We need a Waffle House in Killeen, Texas.

I visit one of their locations in Austin on drunken nights (well my friends' drunken nights; I'm the designated driver), and the food is always good. Late-night spots like IHOP in Killeen need a run for their money.

According to their website, they have over 2100 locations in 25 states. As I look at the maps of Waffle Houses, there are tons in the Houston area and spread throughout Texas, but not a lot in Central Texas. I see the closest one is in Austin, and that's 50 miles away.

Santa: let’s throw that on the list, please!


I wrote a piece a few weeks ago about a new entertainment venue currently under construction in Harker Heights scheduled to open in 2022, but what about Killeen? With all the available land in Killeen, something like this should be a no-brainer for Santa!



Topgolf Entertainment Group Sets Guinness Book World Record
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Notice how they skipped us. Top Golf opened a new location in Waco recently, and there's one in Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, Katy, the Houston area, and more, but not in Killeen.

Personally, this is my favorite spot to go. It's got virtual golf, food, and drinks. What more could you ask for?

It's not like people here in the area won't support it they're already willing to drive to either Waco or Austin to enjoy the experience. Let's throw this on the list as well, Santa. Let's do it!

A Real Pizza Place



Being from Chicago and enjoying Chicago-style pizza (pictured), I am OK with the fact that there aren’t any places like that here. Also, don't get me wrong - the pizza I've had here is decent, but c'mon: it doesn't hold a candle to the pizza I'm used to.

A Killeen Concert Venue

Melinda Nagy

How about an indoor or outdoor concert venue that holds a few thousand people here in Killeen?

If Round Rock can have one, why can't we?

There'd be no need to drive to Belton to enjoy concerts at the Bell County Expo (as fine as venue as it is) or drive all the way to Austin to the Frank Erwin Center or one of the many music venues there.

Why not just build something right here in K-town? There are thousands of people in Killeen who would support this.

What Else Does Killeen, Texas Need?

If I missed something by all means let me know!

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You can't forget about the dynasty the San Antonio Spurs had that started in the late 90s and came into the 200s as an NBA Powerhouse winning 5 NBA Championships led by players such as David Robinson, Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobli, Tony Parker, and in their later years Kawhi Leonard.

What about that 2011 Dallas Mavericks team that gave Dallas their first-ever NBA Championship under the leadership of Dirk Nowitski, Jason Kidd, Jason Terry and company?

We definitely can't deny new superstar Luka Doncic and the Mavericks of today inching closer and closer to becoming a dominant West Coast Team.

I would be foolish not to mention those Houston Rockets teams that repeated as NBA Champions in the mid-90s, (I did say past 25 years right?) and the James Harden led team, who along with Chris Paul boosted the Rockets to the playoffs year after year ultimately leading them to the Western Conference Finals.

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