A Texas Police Officer who was molested as a child has just sent her abuser to prison for life.

It's the kind of story that the victim of any childhood crime would like to be able to tell. Being able to grow up, become a member of law enforcement, and arrest the person guilty of the crime against you. That's exactly what one unnamed Texas police officer has done.

The Waco Tribune reports the officer was abused as a child by 47-year-old Erlis Chaisson during the mid 90's. Chaisson abused the victim again in 2001. The officer who remains unnamed is now 27 years old.

The victim grew up to become a police officer and tried to contact her abuser in 2014. This was part of a plan to get Chaisson to confess to the crimes years ago, and bring justice and peace of mind to her own life. Turns out Chaisson responded and actually granted the officer the chance to speak with him. He didn't know she was wearing a wire when the two finally met, but Chaisson did confess to the crime six different times during their 90-minute conversation.

It's very creepy that as the jury listened to the entire conversation between Chiasson and the Officer, they could actually hear Erlis admit to the crime, then try to blame the victim saying she wanted the attention.

Chaisson has been sentenced to life in prison.

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