Seriously, if you introduce your sig other as your husband or wife three times that's enough to be legally married?  This is hard to believe.

A strange law that's still on the books in Texas apparently lets you be married without going to the trouble of booking a venue and having a ceremony.

This odd Texas law pops up on several sites and says, "In Texas, you can be considered legally married by publicly announcing a person as your wife/husband by saying it 3 times."  There’s also a proxy marriage law that doesn’t require either to groom or bride to be present during the wedding ceremony, which might come in handy if one of you needs to run an errand or go to the dentist or something around the time you're supposed to walk down the aisle.  Texas is so strange sometimes!

Even caught onto this strange husband/wife announcement law and put Texas on a list of states with other oddball wedding laws.  We're right up there with South Carolina that has a law that says, "If a man promises to marry a woman, he is legally obligated to go through with it."  I suppose a South Carolina couple could move to Texas and the bride-to-be could announce three times that the groom is already her husband and they would be all set.

Do you know anyone in Texas that has actually done this?  It seems crazy!  And so non-binding.  It's hard to imagine that any couple could ever have success getting hitched by just saying that it should be so, and it also seems like it might be risky after a few festive beverages at happy hour on a random Tuesday.  The next thing you know you're married to a co-worker who announced to the bar three times that you're his wife and Wednesday gets awkward at the office.

And does saying it on social media count?  There are so many questions.

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