Not since Ozzy peed on it has the Alamo been this disrespected.

Via the Texas General Land Office
Via the Texas General Land Office

The putzes at took the time to insult at least one place in each state for their hate-filled article "The Worst Tourist Trap in Every State".

They think the 4 Corners is Arizona's biggest waste of time. They claim that the brass disc is allegedly 1,800 away.

They hate graves. They dissed Buffalo Bills Grave and Museum in Golden Colorado, and, unbelievably, Elvis' grave in Tennessee.

The rip on Philadelphia's Liberty Bell is, I kid you not, it's broken. REALLY!?

Then there's The Alamo. They insult all the souls that perished there by mocking the slogan "Remember the Alamo" with the phrase...spend the day at the Alamo and you'll remember to never go back. They say the building's remains are too small.

They think it's good for history buffs for about an hour, but everyone else should be good with a picture. To call a place with such a historic footprint a tourist trap could be the biggest insult ever. It hurts my heart that someone has had such a horrible life that they have this much hate in their soul.

When they finish the renovations, I hope these small minded idiots don't come back. I'd tell them to go to Bourbon Street in New Orleans, but they hate that place too.

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