I've been around a ton of baseball my whole life and I've seen some pretty crazy baseball injuries.

The hardest thing to watch is when a kid gets hurt playing or watching the game. Little league injuries are the worst. I once saw a kids head split open who was standing too close to the batter at home plate and was crushed in the forehead by a bat on the follow through of the swing. Probably never forget that one.

Well, last night at Minute Maid Park, a young girl was struck by a foul ball that was just crushed into the stands. The batter was Albert Almora Jr of the Chicago Cubs. Almora's foul ball struck a child along the third base line who was then rushed out of the stands for medical attention. Albert, who has two young children of his own at home, was visibly shaken knowing the ball that came off his bat found its way into the stands and hurt a child.

Chicago Cubs v Houston Astros
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A fan named David LeVasseur was sitting next to the girl who was hit and told the Houston Chronicle that he later saw the father holding his daughter in the first aid area. She was awake and not seriously injured.

It just shows the heart of some of these MLB ballplayers. They want to compete, they want to win, but they want the fans to have a good time. It was once said, "There's no crying in baseball". Everybody just wants to have fun at the old ballpark. The best insurance policy you can have at a ball game is to bring your glove especially if you are sitting in foul ball territory. We hope the little girl continues to show no signs of being seriously hurt.

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