When a Texan is in danger, especially a child, we're all called to be vigilant and do what we can to help them get home safely. Today, we need to keep our eyes peeled for a missing 12-year-old boy and the woman believed to have abducted him.

An AMBER alert was issued today for Aaron McBeth of Gonzales. Aaron's described as a while male standing 4'10" and weighing 85 pounds. He has blonde hair and brown eyes, and was last seen Friday morning wearing a gray Iron Man shirt, blue jeans, black shoes with a stripe on the side, and a dark blue ball cap.

Police believe Aaron was abducted by 32-year-old Sylvia Garcia. She's described as a white woman standing 5'02" and weighing 150 pounds with brown hair and brown eyes.

Sylvia Garcia - TxDPS Photo
Sylvia Garcia - TxDPS Photo
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Aaron is thought to be in grave or immediate danger.

If you see Aaron or Sylvia, or have any information that might help police get Aaron home safely, please contact the Gonzales Police Department at (830) 672-8686.

Gonzales may not be in Central Texas, but we live along the I-35 corridor and it intersects with I-14 right here in our area. It's entirely possible that Aaron and his abductor could come this way.

Again, if you see Aaron or Sylvia or have helpful information, you should call the Gonzales Police Department at (830) 672-8686.

Check out the descriptions above and the photos again, then keep an eye out while you're out and about in Central Texas. You may spot them or see something that could help get Aaron home.

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