A memorial for the late Navy Seal, and author of "American Sniper" Chris Kyle, was unveiled in his hometown of Odessa on Thursday, July 28.The granite and limestone memorial sits in the Chris Kyle Memorial Plaza in Odessa, and is also home to a 15-foot bronze statue of Chris. Earlier this year several trees from the ranch of George W. Bush where moved into the memorial plaza. Chris Kyle and his friend Chad Littlefield were killed in 2013 at a Texas gun range. Another former soldier is serving a life sentence for their murder. The story of the film "American Sniper" was based on Kyle's autobiography.

Senator Ted Cruiz spoke at the unveiling and said:

With the unveiling of this memorial, the city rightly remembers the contributions that Chris made to our nation and to our veterans. His loss not only needlessly ripped asunder the lives of his lovely wife and family, but has also taken a true hero from us. In Chris, our nation had a trusted guardian; his fellow service members had a dedicated teammate; and his family had a loving son, husband, and father.

His widowed wife, Taya, was also there and had some wonderful things to say as well.

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