Shortly after midnight on September 8, 1990, Jamie Easley, aged 12, saw her mother, Judy Marie Foster for the last time.

The mother-daughter duo had spent the evening at a local hangout called the "beargrounds," dubbed after the massive football players that frequented the Grand Plaza Shopping Center in Grand Saline, Texas. It was during this car ride that Jamie learned her mother was filing for divorce from her step-father.

Reports state that after leaving the beargrounds, Judy realized that she had left her cigarettes behind. Judy decided to drop her daughter off at home and headed to the Easy Mart, promising to be right back.

Early the following Saturday morning, Jamie awoke to find herself alone. There was no sign that her mother, Judy had ever returned home. Jamie headed over to her Aunt Linda's house and waited for her mother, although her relatives did not seem worried.

On Wednesday, Jamie alerted officials at her school that she had not seen her mother since Saturday. It was at that time that Judy Marie Foster was finally reported missing.

Later that week, Judy's maroon Thunderbird was found abandoned in the Grand Plaza Shopping Center. Inside the vehicle was Judy's purse containing her keys, ID, and wallet.

Investigators spoke with witnesses who last seen Judy entering a truck with 3 men. The last man who seen Judy alive claimed to have dropped her off at the beargrounds early Saturday morning. Police spoke with multiple suspects and even questioned Jamie's step-father, but ultimately no one was ever arrested.

Today, the case remains unsolved. Jamie, now a mother of four, is still searching for answers in her mother's disappearance. Please contact the Grand Saline Police Department if you have any information about the disappearance of Judy Marie Foster at 903-962-3145.

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