It's been about half a century since a hubcap went missing on Temple Fire & Rescue's 1939 Diamond T Fire Truck, and they've finally found a replacement.

The original rear passenger side hubcap went missing during a routine operation sometime in the 1960's. Parts for the classic model aren't easy to come by, especially since the manufacturer went out of business years ago.

Photo Courtesy of Temple Fire & Rescue

Temple Fire & Rescue Driver Justin Jackson and Battalion Chief Matt Perrine were recently able to find a replacement hubcap on Ebay for a total steal - $250. The 80-year-old part is in need of some TLC (it's a little out of shape and needs a new chrome job), but it won't be long before the beautiful antique truck is whole again.

“Antiques like this do not come around every day", said Temple Fire & Rescue Chief, Mitch Randles. "We were essentially looking for a needle in a haystack and we found it. We are excited to finally be able to replace this missing piece on this iconic part of Temple's history."

The 1939 Diamond T Fire Truck is currently housed at the Central Fire Station located in Downtown Temple at 210 N. 3rd Street. If you've never seen it, stop by the station some time and check it out.

Photo Courtesy of Temple Fire & Rescue