It’s the most, wonderful time of the year, right?

The holiday season brings company Christmas parties.

This once-a-year event is where your coworkers are able to let loose and have fun while not being on the clock.

I've enjoyed multiple Christmas parties over the years with different companies, and I've seen mistakes many people have made.

Here are three of the biggest mistakes I've seen made that I don't want you to repeat.


 Don't Bring The Wrong Gift For Christmas Gift Exchange

What do I bring to the white elephant gift exchange?

First of all, what is a white elephant exchange?

Basically, each player submits a wrapped gift at a price all players agreed upon. Each participant selects a number in which they will take turns selecting.

The first person opens a gift, their turn ends. On the next person's turn, they have the choice to either unwrap a new gift or steal another player's gift.

(Here’s where it gets cutthroat and your co-workers and their spouses give you the sideye.)

So now when that player's gift is stolen, he or she has the chance to either open a new gift or steal another player's gift.

(See... there's no loyalty.)

Some people play it to where each gift can only be stolen twice per game. The game is over when everybody has a present.

Everything is all fun and games until Lisa in sales steals your bottle of vodka you had plans of getting home and drinking.


Don't Underprice or Over Price The Gift


The gift exchange is something many companies use as an activity during their Christmas party, and employees usually set a limit on how much the gift will be and that’s that, right?

It’s important to play fair with this game and not go too much under or too much over the agreed amount. For example if the agreed upon amount is $20, you don’t wanna show up with a $10 gift card or a $100 pair of shoes. You want to make sure you stay in the range of the agreed amount.

Here are a few suggested gifts:

Shot Glasses

attachment-shot glasses

Easy gift! You can never have too many shot glasses, right?


Portable Heater


I know you are probably thinking "What Do I Need A Heater For, This is Texas?"  Personally, this would be a perfect gift for me! I work at the radio station where it needs to remain cool because of our equipment, and on hot summer days when the AC is pumping this little puppy does a great job of balancing out the temperature. Thank me later!


A Harmless Bottle Of Wine


A bottle of wine never hurts and always helps the occasion. In my mind, this makes a perfect Christmas gift!


A Foot Spa

attachment-foot spa

Here's another harmless gift that everyone can enjoy. Had a long day? Let your feet relax in one of these babies!

Liquor Makes The Best Gift


Just like you, I've been doing A LOT more drinking. I'm not even a "drinker" but since this whole thing started I found myself partaking in the libations a little bit more like the rest of Texas.
Aaron Savage, Townsquare Media

Who turns down liquor? If you don't want it, trust there's someone that will help you put that bottle to use for the holidays!

Don't Vent To Your Spouse About Your Co-Worker

If you go home and complain about Lisa in sales (that damn Lisa) and how she makes you mad and how she doesn’t do her job, don’t expect your spouse to respect her.

Your feelings toward this person become their feelings toward this person.

It’s similar to being in a relationship with somebody and telling your family the bad things he or she did, then bringing that person to a family dinner.

If you don’t want any awkward moments, keep your venting to a minimum!

Getting Drunk At The Company Christmas party

I think this should have been number one.

I remember years ago at a Christmas party, a co-worker had one too many drinks and got arrested! He started telling people how he really felt about them and became violent. The guy ended up losing his job because of what he did at the company Christmas party.

You want to have fun at the Christmas party, but you also wanna maintain composure around your coworkers. Having a drink or two is fine, but when you’re sloppy drunk and embarrassing yourself, that’s a completely different story.

When instances like that occur, you lose a certain amount of respect from your coworkers, so know your limit.

After reading these three important things not to do at your company Christmas party, you should be good to go.


Have fun, and happy holidays!

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