The battle over renaming a Central Texas has come to a amicable and reasonable end, as the Belton City Council has chosen a name for the former Confederate Park.

According to KCEN, at a public hearing on Tuesday, the Belton City Council voted unanimously to rename the park Liberty Park, and also changed the street name Confederate Park Drive to Veteran's Way.

"At this point in time the right thing to do is move forward with the park name change and make every citizen in Belton feel included, - Belton Mayor Pro Tem Wayne Carpenter via KCEN

The name change comes about after a summer of meetings that started back in June, when Belton residents requested that Belton Parks & Rec form a committee to consider changing the park's name.

The Parks Board came up with 5 name options: Liberty, Unity, Community, Fellowship, and Veterans. Liberty and Unity were the consensus top 2 choices. The board also recommended putting up a historical storyboard at the park.

At a time where we may seem like we're more divided than ever, it's great to see a community come together and resolve their problems and also put a dark and ugly past behind them. Congratulations Belton!

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