Since I was forced to start playing Pokemon Go, I've noticed that the GPS in Temple is pure garbage. But I've yet to be led into a tree.

According to, the Moody police have arrested Tristan McKenzie Dansby, 28, and charged her with driving while intoxicated with child passenger.

Tristan allegedly crashed into an outdoor pavilion at the Moody Housing Authority Friday night around 11:30pm. According to Moody police officer Louise Lopez, Dansby was on Spring Valley Road following GPS directions from Hewitt to Belton. Dansby claimed the GPS led her into the picnic pavilion.

Officer Lopez said:

From what we determined, she was driving while intoxicated after the officer conducted a field sobriety test and she failed it. The child was OK. He suffered a little bit of injury from the seat belt, but other than that, he seemed fine.

Posted by Moody Police Department on Saturday, July 16, 2016


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