Sometimes I guess talking about it and education just isn't enough.

So I ask the question, what's it going to take to stop driving drunk Texas??

We've known for quite some time drunk driving is a problem, and it's not going away. The question is, how bad is it really? Well in Texas, it's apparently a monster problem.

Zutobi recently put out a report that ranked each state and their DUI/DWI severity. Needless to say this isn't a list you want to see your state high on, but there we are, nice and high on it. I know, the saying goes "Everything's bigger in Texas" but this right here ain't it.

Remember the article about smiling mugshots in Randall County I wrote? I made mention in there about how many people seemed happy, and it seemed they were all smiling after getting picked up on something alcohol related.

Sure, having a few drinks makes ya feel a bit happier, looser I guess you could say. But it ultimately is an IMPAIRED feeling, and getting in the car is such a stupid idea, especially considering all the different ways we have to get home these days.

I digress, let's get into the numbers to see how bad it TRULY is...because it's not good.

According to the Zutobi report, we've seen the number of alcohol impaired fatalities decrease a significant amount from 1985 to 2019. Back in 85, 41% of fatalities on the roadways was due to alcohol while that number has dipped to 28% in 2019. Congratulations I guess? That number is still far too high, I mean that's roughly 1 in every 3.5 fatalities on roads are due to alcohol.

So what about Texas? Yeah it's not good. The Zutobi report shows Texas averages 360 DWI arrests per 100,000 people. Comparing that exact stat to other states, we actually aren't TOO bad. However, where things go majorly south is the next category.

DWI Road Fatalities per 100,000 drivers in Texas? A staggering 7.5 which is 5th on that particular list.

Yes, it gets worse if you can believe it. When we take a look at DWI Road Fatalities in comparison to all the road fatalities in Texas, we check in at 37% of our fatalities on the roads are connected to DWI.

Amarillo and Texas in general, it has to stop. I don't mean to get on my soapbox, but we've go public transportation, ride shares, taxi's, family members and friends. ALL of these are better options than hopping in your car and trying to do it yourself. Don't put others in danger because you just couldn't be without your car in the morning. It's ok, inconvenience someone. I promise, they'll be more than happy to help.

You can see the full Zutobi report here. Some of the states will shock you as to where they are on the list...Texas included.

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