We've all seen the videos just about every week from airports all across the country of folks acting a damn fool over wearing a mask and one of the main culprits for this behavior has nothing to do with "politics" or "freedom", the reason is super simple: Liquid Courage aka alcohol.

You would think at this point and knowing what we know, folks would just follow the damn rules and get on the plane and act accordingly but unfortunately, we have to deal with "a-holes" everywhere who have to make it about themselves despite their awful decision making skills.

Thankfully, the airlines have had enough of the BS and are starting to take action. Texas based airline Southwest Airlines has announced that they are going to stop alcohol sales to passengers until at least January 18th of 2022.

Southwest has already paused alcohol sales and had planned to bring them back in June but after an alarming uptick in unruly passenger behavior, the FAA reported over 3,800 reports of unruly behavior since the start of the year, Southwest decided to extend the hold on alcohol which is in line with the FAA's mask mandate which was extended to January 18th of next year according to MSN.



American Airlines also announced that they won't be serving alcohol to its main cabin passengers until the Jan. 18th date, but business and first class passengers will be able to get their drink on.

My thing is this: For a society that claims to want "law and order" and to demand that everyone else "follow the rules" , don't turn around in the same breath and scream "My Freedums" when you don't like the rules.

Just put a damn mask on and get to where you going.


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