What in the world could make this Texas family want to sell their 8-bedroom home and move into some giant tents? As David and Suzette explain, they did it for their family.

After having a house big enough for their family, David and Suzette realized the neighborhood they chose wasn't going to be the safest option for their children. They knew they could either be worried about their kids leaving the front yard, or they could make a change that only required them to worry about snakes and skunks.

You'll never regret downsizing to enjoy family and to enjoy relationships"

Check out the video above to see what an amazing job they did creating a home from the ground up! When we first saw the video, it took us a couple minutes to actually see that it's a giant tent and not a house. Who wouldn't mind hunting, fishing, and loving your family everyday? It even comes with modern outdoor private showers!

Always fun to see a family try something different and find that it works for them.