Tom Herman is the new coach of the UT Longhorns. It seems like destiny.  Especially after it appears LSU pulled their offer at the last minute, thinking they were kind of being played by Herman and his agent Trace Armstrong.

Let's get this out of the way: Tom Herman never wanted to go to LSU.  I believe that completely. His sentimental attachment was to UT where Matt Brown gave him his starred 17 years ago.  He did very much want to leave Houston (especially in light of recent losses IMHO) so he used the interest from Baton Rouge to get a better deal in Austin. Congrats to this savvy, young and rising football coaching star.

Some folks in Baton Rouge were complaining about Herman when reports surfaced during the Texas A&M game that the Cougars coach had the LSU gig.  They pointed to his losses this season at the hands of Navy and SMU.  One friend even told me that in his eyes, unproven Herman would be the second coming… of Curley Hallman.

I'm also not shocked that Ed Orgeron is head coach of LSU. Full disclosure: Coach O was on-air at the same radio group in Baton Rouge while I was there. Nice guy. He was no doubt the sentimental favorite, certainly among a lot of the good old boy network in Louisiana. Other members of that esteemed organization wanted a higher profile coach, one on the way up, one who will tell the football world,  in the words of Richard Pryor in Stir Crazy, "that's right – we bad."   That did not happen. But then again, LSU has often gone with an economical choice. See Hallman.

In the end, Tom Herman got what he wanted and so did Ed Orgeron.  Most of the fans of both teams got what they wanted.  So did Jimbo Fisher, who never really wanted to leave Florida. Maybe this was all for the best.