So many of our Vietnam veterans did not receive the welcome home they deserved after serving. Among them was our own Billy Conway - co-host of KTEM's On the Dock.

As Rick and Billy have mentioned before, Billy spent the night in a Chicago airport after returning home. He'd been cautioned not to be seen in his uniform outside because he might be attacked or harassed.

It was no way for someone who served to be greeted upon returning home, but over the years support for our troops has grown and more people are showing our Vietnam veterans the love and gratitude they deserve for serving and sacrificing in a turbulent time both at home and abroad.

Today (September 20), the On the Dock crew conspired to surprise Billy with a visit from Sandra Meeks with the Temple Breakfast Lions Club, who had a very special honor to bestow upon him.

Sandra presented Billy with a Quilt of Valor in thanks for his service. She was joined by Lisle Meeker and Billy's wife, Bonnie, who were also in on the surprise.

As Sandra explained, the Quilts of Valor Foundation was founded in 2003 by Catherine Roberts. While Catherine's son was stationed in Iraq in 2003, she had a dream about him in which he was sitting at the side of his bed in utter despair until he was wrapped in a quilt that brought him comfort and inspiration.

Since then, volunteers have hand-quilted these gifts, which are awarded to veterans in gratitude for their service. The quilt is a symbol for comfort, healing, and the love we have for our veterans.

From all of us at On the Dock and KTEM, thank you for everything, Billy. Over the years you've served your nation and your community with honor and courage, and we're all blessed to work with you on the air.

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