Police in Limestone County made nasty discovery while responding to a disturbance call Tuesday.

In a Facebook post, the Limestone County Sheriff's Department announced that deputies responding a "disturbance with weapons" around Noon found a variety of items commonly used during the consumption of illegal substances just lying around in plain sight.

To make matters worse, they also found what's believed to be black tar heroin.

The items were confiscated and one man was taken into custody without incident. That suspect's name was not released. The case is still under investigation, and more arrests may be coming.

The department posted pictures of their find, and the images may make your skin crawl. Knives and other items with residue were confiscated, along with what looks like a glass pipe with tubing and a microwave plate with powder on it.

It's just another reminder that police never know what they're going to find when they get to a scene.

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