Even the Grinch wouldn't stoop this low. 

9-year-old Scott Lundy of Saugus, Massachusetts was beyond thrilled to receive a Playstation 4 Uncharted bundle on Christmas morning. That is, until he and his father opened the box and found a block of wood with a lewd image and message etched into it.

The block fit perfectly into the packaging, which showed no signs of tampering. The words "from c--k and b--ls with love" were written next to a crude drawing of a certain male anatomical part.

Brian and Kristin Lundy, the boy's father and step-mother, told WFXT-TV that the gaming console was all their son had requested for Christmas, and that he was devastated.

The couple returned the console to their local Target store, where a representative told Brian that things like this "happen occasionally." The store replaced the console and threw in an extra game and a $100 gift card.

Meanwhile, the Lundy's are trying to salvage Scott's belief in Santa by writing a letter to the rogue elf they say was responsible for the prank.

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