Ahmed Mohamed, 14, returned to Texas Monday.  You remember him; he made the "clock" for the science project at school, a "clock" which looked a lot like an improvised exploding device. Seems he's homesick.

Get ready for the renewed media frenzy, fellow Texans.

It was just last year all this happened. When presented with the presence of said "clock" school officials sought to do the sensible thing and call the cops who brought the bomb squad with them.  As the 14-year-old is a member of what's now being called Generation Snowflake - the generation where everybody gets a participation trophy win or lose - and his poor little feelings were hurt.  He ended up being suspended from school for three days which drove his parents to not only pull him from the Arlington school district but to relocate to Qatar, an Arab nation all the way across the globe.  That was after he made the rounds of the chat shows.

Am I skeptical of the clock excuse? Yes, but I don't have proof either way, admittedly. I use the old walking duck rule: If it looks like a duck, makes sounds like a duck, and has the outward experience of poultry, chances are it's Donald or Daffy.  This thing looks kinda like a bomb, how else were teachers supposed to react?

Bill Maher had the same reaction on his TV show with guests Mark Cuban, the Dallas millionaire who talk to Ahmed on the phone and considers the kid both bright and a huckster.

For the record, the other guests on the panel were former New York Governor George Pataki, CNBC Hardball host Chris Matthews, and Univision anchor Jorge Ramos. Serious folks!

No less a combative figure than Richard Dawkins, the noted British scientist, atheist, and author of the controversial book The God Delusion raised the question,  why would this kid do this? Something just doesn't add up and you'll see him explain it in this clip.

KTEM'S own Rush Limbaugh predicted the boy would be back six months ago.

And Bill Maher revisited the topic a week later this time with Ron Reagan, Monty Python's John Cleese, CNN's S.E. Cupp and comic host Spike Feresten.

And if you think the media coverage in this post is excessive, then you don't remember last year!