What would you do if a barbecue place served you a plate like this?

Personally, my first instinct would be to wonder whose kids meal I got and ask the waiter where my plate is.

I mean, look at that. It's prison food.

According to an article from food blog Munchies, that miserable meal is an example of "Brooklyn barbecue", and it's become something of a culinary meme in recent months.

The trend started at a Brooklyn restaurant called Fette Sau, the name of which should have been the first clue that tiny portions artistically arranged to justify a ridiculous price tag would be the norm.

Fete Sau founder Joe Carroll tells Munchies his style of barbecue (which includes espresso in the rub) is distinctly New York/New Jersey, and it shows. Carroll is bit perturbed lately after learning that restaurants across the globe have started copying his style, and I'm with him. This menace should be contained, quarantined, and put down.

Encountering such an affront to barbecue only makes me more grateful to have been born in a state that takes BBQ seriously. Judging by the ding off going on in the comments of the above tweet, I'm not the only one.

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