In the wake of military budget cuts, Fort Hood’s Fourth of July celebration will see significant reductions.

Previously, the nine-hour event included carnival rides and games, vendors, and live performances from artists such as Kelly Clarkson.

However, budget cuts resulting from sequestration mean the event will get a major overhaul when it kicks off next month.

According to a report in the Killeen Daily Herald, one immediately noticeable change is a change of venue--this year's festival will be held at Hood Stadium instead of Sadowski Field. The festival will be cut down to four hours, while still incorporating music from local DJs and performances by the 1st Cavalry Division Band. Also, organizers are re-dubbing the event “an Independence Day Celebration” as opposed to “Freedom Fest.”

The annual half hour fireworks display will still be held, as funds for the display are earned through the Fort Hood Recycle Center, which donated $45,000 this year for the fireworks.

Some family readiness groups will still sell concessions as a fundraiser, but no alcohol will be served.

Other posts throughout the country are also cutting celebrations as a result of sequestration. Fort Bragg in North Carolina has chosen to cancel its event following budget cuts.

More details on the Fourth of July event will be made available by Fort Hood officials at a later date.

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