The debate over legalizing or decriminalizing marijuana has grown hotter over the past couple of decades. Its growth has been exponential, with one candidate for Texas Governor saying they will change laws surrounding the drug if elected. But for one woman in Temple, her usage of the drug for medical means could cause more harm than good.

Candace McCarty And Her Dilemma

KXAN recently interviewed Candace McCarty of Temple about the potential eviction she faces over the legal use of a medicinal substance.

McCarty's health issues allow her the ability to obtain medical marijuana. Items such as CBD, Cannabis Oil, and THC gummies are used by her to alleviate her health issues. All of these items in her possession are legal thanks to the Texas’ Compassionate Use Program, which is listed here.

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But problems have arisen between her and the apartment complex she resides in.

Issues Stemming From Clause In Rental Agreement

KXAN reports than while medical marijuana is legal in Texas, federal laws do not permit the use of it. McCarty's neighbor, who remains unidentified at the time of writing, reported the usage to the apartment complex, which in turn has issued a notice of eviction to McCarty.

The Central Texas Housing Consortium owns the apartment complex where McCarty resides, and the building is federally regulated according to KXAN. The apartment complex is now trying to remove McCarty from her unit.

The wording in the lease, from KXAN, is as follows:

"Any drug-related criminal activity on or off the Authority premises. The term drug-related criminal activity means the illegal manufacture, sale, distribution, use or possession with the intent to manufacture, sell, distribute or use of a controlled substance.”

McCarty is now trying to find some way to keep from being evicted, and she's worried how this could affect her future living choices. As this is a developing story, more information will be provided when it becomes available.

Other Apartment Issues In Temple

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