When everything hits the fan and you're facing incarceration, what do you do? One man thought pulling out a samurai sword on a Woodway police officer was the best course of action.

John Carroll with our news parnter, KWTX, reports that 27-year-old Billy Linkous of Axtell led Woodway officers conducting a prostitution sting on a brief chase that ended with him crashing into a vehicle about a block away from State Highway 84.

Linkous hopped out of the vehicle with a katana in one hand and a makeshift shield in the other. Linkous struck one of the officers in the arm with the sword, but was quickly brought down by a Taser blast from one of the other officers.

Linkous was brought in on a whole mouthful of charges: aggravated assault on a public servant with a deadly weapon, evading arrest on foot, evading arrest with a vehicle, resisting arrest with a deadly weapon, unlawfully carrying a weapon, and prostitution.

Linkous is in custody at the McLennan County Jail in lieu of $133,500 bond.

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