UPDATE: There were rumors Saturday afternoon that the Killeen water filling station at 805 West Jasper Drive was out of water and turning people away.

I reached out to Hilary Shine with the City of Killeen, who confirms that these rumors are NOT true. The filling station has water and will continue to operate until 6PM tonight. It will reopen Sunday from 10AM to 6PM.

Again, rumors that the filling station at 805 West Jasper Drive in Killeen is out of water are false.


Killeen residents with frozen pipes or without water service can fill containers with water at a filling station to open on Jasper Drive beginning Friday afternoon.

The station will be set up at 805 West Jasper Drive and will operate during the following hours:

  • Friday: Noon to 6PM
  • Saturday: 10AM to 6PM
  • Sunday: 10AM to 6PM

City officials said late Friday morning that residents must bring their own containers to fill, and all water must be boiled before consumption.

The amount of water you can take from the filling station may be limited depending on demand.

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Killeen residents who do have water service are also advised to boil water prior to consumption, and Stage 5 water restrictions are in place across the city.

The City of Killeen has received hundreds of reports of frozen water lines, and are warning residents that rising temperatures thawing pipes could do water damage to homes if they cracked or separated during the freeze.

If your water lines are frozen, you're asked to call the City of Killeen at (254) 501-6320 or email wsoperations@killeentexas.gov. The City will send a crew to shut off water at the meter.

"Water is an essential service, and the City of Killeen is working diligently to restore it," City of Killeen Executive Director of Communications Hilary J. Shine said Friday. "Residents should expect full recovery to take weeks. The public’s adherence to water restrictions and other orders will speed this recovery for the entire community."

You read that correctly: full recovery could take weeks.

Thank you to all the utility workers out there doing their best. We know you're exhausted and we're grateful for your efforts.

Despite the awful circumstances, it's been uplifting to see Central Texans helping each other get through this crisis together. We will recover from this, and we will stay Texas Strong.

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