Trash collection in Temple has been cancelled until further notice.

The City of Temple has decided to wait it out before sending crews out to collect garbage and recycling. A smart move as nobody should be out on the icy road conditions in Central Texas.

The Temple Landfill will also remain closed until further notice as well.

Temple had hoped to resume collection today but opted to wait for safer road conditions.

Killeen, Copperas Cove, and Belton have also cancelled trash collection, which is expected to resume next week. (It's safe to assume that your town will be postponing trash collection until the roads are thawed and passable.)

As I surfed around the internet I did find a post from 25 News, KXXV's Facebook page that asked 'Who is Open?"

Here's what some of the comments mentioned.

Amy Ballentine in Waco said Union Hall in Downtown Waco is open.
Tiffany Watson says Chuys is open until 4 for dine in and to go
Stephanie Campos Gettys said Brookshire’s in McGregor is open but they have no perishables.
Alice Grindstaff Kerneen also said the Golden corral in Waco is open.
David Maynard said Buccees was and Jalisco in Troy
Mary Martinez mentioned that Sol de Jalisco on West Adams "drive thru" in Temple is open
- and Michael McLicous remined us that McLennan Co Jail still open as well.
Eric Yaple reminds us that DiCamplis in Waco is also open

Most of, if not all, city offices remain closed due to the weather.

Know of a business that is open? Let us know in the comments below.

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