Temple beer lovers rejoice! Bold Republic Brewing Company is coming to town.

The move won't happen 'til June of 2022 at the earliest, but for those who haven't had their beer yet, it'll be well worth the wait.

Bold Republic Brewing Company opened in Downtown Belton in 2018. They are currently located at 206 N Penelope St. Their new site in Temple will be off West Adams near Crossroads Park.

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Bold Republic Brewing Company is a family owned and operated, and they're very much about "Community Over Consumption". That means you'll find friendly Central Texans looking to share not just some good brews, but good times too.

They boast more than just a pint at the end of the day. They got a pretty tasty menu as well. Plus they're kid and pet friendly, making Bold Republic Brewing Company a perfect Saturday afternoon hangout spot.

The folks in Belton already know the quality of beer they brew now, so now the folk in Temple will see what it is that makes Bold Republic Brewing Company so successful.

I recently spent a late Saturday afternoon at Bold Republic and found their beers to be excellent. The food was good too, and the live music added perfectly to the evening.

Temple is a growing community, and it's great to see new businesses coming to town. Mayor Tim Davis tells Paige Ellenberger with KXXV 25“I think one of the things that we can attribute our growth to is the fact that the city of Temple is very business-friendly.”

Census data shows that nearly 20,000 people have moved into the are since 2020. Mayor Davis says, “I'm proud of what we're doing, and the growth doesn't seem to be slowing down. We as a city, we're prepared for that growth and to grow and to grow well.”

I, for one, am looking forward to the arrival of Bold Republic Brewing Company in June of 2022. If you see me there, let's raise a glass (or two, or three) together!

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